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The Queen’s Message 2014


So lets imagine the Queen, a teenage war time ambulance driver and mechanic, this year decides to ditch her carefully crafted annual Xmas address to the nation and instead reflect upon the history and meaning of ambulance services. We’d switch on the TV, ‘A Message from the Queen’ in important[…]

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One of the Best Days of My Life


So next week, my temporary contract with the Barts Centre For Trauma Sciences winds up. And how many times can you say that your job has changed your life? Here are some experiences/ images that I will take with me to my grave. 1) Shooting a video, with fellow Australian[…]

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A New Job Involving Sex and Death


Sex and Death A London Ambulance Service union official commented to me a few months ago that the very nature of emergency services work is that front-line staff have to “rush into situations from which human instinct tells everyone else to RUN AWAY”.  Perhaps the medical situation that most people[…]

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