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Music Files

You can hear the full album Deal With Your Disenchantment below. Every track is unique, but the most ‘radio friendly’ tracks are: Tattered Skirt Girl (folk pop), and Old Enough To Be Your Mother (a cougar country lament)

My entire 20 year back-catalogue can be found on Soundcloud.   Deal With Your Disenchantment CDs with digipack artwork plus accompanying illustrated Songbook are available for purchase via my Bandcamp page .


God Kills Someone Every Day

Deal With Your Disenchantment


Short version: (Twitter-friendly at 248 characters):

A 21st century woman imagines herself as ‘60/ early ‘70s Dylan, all original tracks. Political protest, Cougar Country, BeatPoet Howl, dead childhood TV stars, millennial critique, bitter judgements, sexual predators. Folk rock the thin wild mercury way. Today.

Longer version:

Nicole Skeltys and The Disenchanted are a London based art-rock folk band for the wise man and the fool, who have nothing to live up to.

Formed in 2018, the 4 piece has been gigging around London, performing tracks from Nicole’s latest album ‘Deal With Your Disenchantment’. ‘Disenchantment’ is Nicole’s 12th album, and is a 21st century woman’s response to Dylan’s classic albums of the ‘60s/ early ‘70s, all original material.

Nicole’s mercurial musical career started in the late ‘90s in Australia. In her seminal electro-femme duo B(if)tek (with Kate Crawford) she toured with the Beastie Boys, recorded with Twin Peaks chanteuse Julee Cruise, sold out the Sydney Opera House and headlined dance stages in festivals across the antipodes.

As the times they are a changin’, over the last decade, Nicole has been performing and releasing music in the folk/psychedelic/alt.country vein. Since  2007, she has been living in, and working with artists, in the USA and UK and she “has something to say”.

Her latest album ‘Deal With Your Disenchantment ‘is inspired by Bob Dylan’s classic albums of the ‘60s/early ‘70s. Started before Bob was granted his Nobel Prize for literature, the album was recorded in Los Angeles and London, and spans the last four years of Nicole’s life, containing: jangle guitars, heavy gold words that dangle and shine, referential/reverential wordplay, bitter judgements, Beat generation howls over barbie doll mandolins, country cougar twang, mellotrons, Brexit, Trump, Australia’s Final Solution and the public pillory of sexually mixed up guys who were all the rage in the ‘70s. Over folk-rock tunes that sound familiar, but aren’t.

Influences and Sounds Similars

Most obvious influences are: Bob Dylan. A bit of Scott Walker production in some tracks, a bit of Byrds in others. And a lot of angst about Brexit, Trump and Scomo.

Live + Availability

Live – Nicole sings lead, plays guitar and keys. Her band The Disenchanted are Robin ‘Bobcat’ Hemmings plays bass and harmonica. Howard Sarna is on lead guitar & backing vox, and Matt Rosewood is on drums. Depending on where and what songs we play, session musicians (trumpet, violin, slide guitar, gospel vox) sometimes join us.

Set – includes selected tracks from Nicole’s entire back catalogue including, when the mood is right, live versions of her early electronic works.

Venues we have played since forming in 2018 include: Hope and Anchor (Islington), the George Tavern (East London), The Fiddler’s Elbow (Camden), Spice of Life (Soho), Water Rats (Kings Cross), St Moritz Club (Soho).

Availability – Nicole Skeltys and The Disenchanted are based in London. We can play anywhere you care to imagine in the UK, or elsewhere. With a bit of notice. Contact: nicole@nicoleskeltys.com Ph +44 07922 19255