Deal With Your Disenchantment – in East London

  • Date: July 19, 2018
  • Location: London, E1 0LA
  • Venue: The George Tavern373 Commercial Rd

An evening not to be missed: Two full album performances and much more! Nicole Skeltys and her band The Disenchanted play from start to finish her new album “Deal With Your Disenchantment” – a 21st century woman’s take on ’60s/ early ’70s Dylan, all originals, iconic to the last bitter phrase. Also for your sound and vision pleasure, London new-wavers, male and female singing time travellers: The Many Few giving a full performance of their wonderful “Sharkenfreude” album with Kandinsky-Kinky visuals by songwriter John Norman. A full half-hour set by spellbinding Austrian multi-instrumentalist and loopstation virtuoso Magdalena Grabher. Making this a complete happening, audio-visual artist Steven Ball will screen a selection of short mind-altering videos, and Nicole’s designer of choice Neil Curtis, will display his latest creations. Get yer glorious tattered threads ‘ere!