Over the last 20 years, reviews of my releases and interviews have appeared in major music publications such as Rolling Stone and Juice as well as all major Australian Newspapers (Canberra Times, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, and The Age). My music has been played on commercial and community radio across Australia, Europe and college radio in the USA. My film clips have appeared on Australian TV and I made numerous TV and radio appearances.

UK  & Oz media 2014 – 2019

Interview in Beat Magazine (Feb 2019)

Interviews on Melbourne radio stations: JOY 94.9 (Miss Chatelaine: 10/02/19), PBS 106.7 (Breakfast Spread: 12/02/19), 3RRR 102.7 (The Australian Mood: 14/02/19) and 3CR 855AM (Music Matters: 15/02/19).

Review of Tumbleweed ‘remix’ for Bolted Report (2018)

Deal With Your Disenchantment album review in Terrascope July 2018

Nicole Skeltys curates two specials on Australian ’90s electronica for ABC’s JJJ radio

Retrospective of Nicole Skeltys’ career on Black Forest Radio (Jan 2014)

USA media reports:

Past radio and other interviews:

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