Sisters With Transistors – MESStriss gig

  • Date: September 4, 2021
  • Time:16:00
  • Venue: Thornbury Picture House802 High St Thornbury 3071

MESStris will be performing live 60 minute set before both Thornbury Picture House screenings of SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS on Saturday, Sept 4th.  Tix have sold out but you are still welcome to come, have a drink at the bar and listen to our marvellous machine menagerie.  Our first set starts around 4.00, the second around 5.45.  Blurb below:

MESStriss are an electronic girl supergroup who all work at the ‘living synth museum’ Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio. Nicole Skeltys is best known for her bleeps in pioneering ‘90s/ early noughties Oz electro-femme outfits B(if)tek and Artificial. Her 25 year career includes 12 albums in unbelievably whacked out genres recorded across the USA, UK, and Australia. Sooji is a Melbourne-based instrumentalist. Her explorations of improvisation and experimental music are influenced by and indebted to pioneers such as Laurie Spiegal, Delia Derbyshire and Franco Battiato. Katerina Stathis is a music-therapist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Katerina’s current soundscape practice unveils universal visceral themes conveying the gamut of emotions using a blend of analogue synthesisers, found sound and acoustic instruments. Nina Buchanan is a musician and composer, creating at the intersection of club music, exploratory synthesis, and composition. She builds immersive soundscapes that envision spaces of shared vulnerability and collective catharsis, where normative sonic hierarchies are disrupted and mutual care is prioritised.

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