Sisters With Transistors – MESStriss gig

  • Date: November 6, 2021
  • Time:16:00
  • Venue: Thornbury Picture House802 High St Thornbury 3071

MESStris will be performing a 40 minute set before both Thornbury Picture House screenings of SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS on Saturday, Nov 6th.  Even if you miss out on tix, you are still welcome to have a drink at the bar and listen to some pleasant bleeps and beats.  Our first set starts around 4.00, the second around 5.45.  Blurb below:

MESStriss are women who all work at the ‘living synth museum’ Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio and team up for gigs in different guises. For Sisters With Transistors,  Nicole Skeltys and Katherna Stathis will provide two back to back sets of bleepy goodness. Nicole  is best known for her pioneering ‘90s/ early noughties Oz electro-femme outfits B(if)tek and Artificial. Her 25 year career includes 12 albums in unbelievably whacked out genres recorded across the USA, UK, and Australia. Kat is a music-therapist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Katerina’s current soundscape practice unveils universal visceral themes conveying the gamut of emotions using a blend of analogue synthesisers, found sound and acoustic instruments.