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Of Mites and Men

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Mites Tanya and I had for several weeks been enjoying the company of the robin’s nest that had been established on the portal outside our kitchen door on the back verandah. How delightful to see Mommy robin sit in intense meditation on her eggs! How fun to see Mommy robin[…]

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What I Reckon Pilot Episode

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The pilot episode of What I Reckon features an interview with Suzanne Ciani, a creatrix who helped popularize the synthesizer in the early ’70s. She has left her mark on American music culture through her famous sound designs for commercials and arcade games, and her production of path-breaking electronic New[…]

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Glee Club Productions

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Glee Club Productions is a new video and multimedia production company I have founded with my colleagues Tanya Andrea Stadelmann (video and photography) and Scott Reagan (graphic design and animation).  We provide a ‘go to whoa’ service for all video and multimedia needs. We like to think of Glee Club[…]

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