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Glee Club Productions

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Glee Club Productions is a new video and multimedia production company I have founded with my colleagues Tanya Andrea Stadelmann (video and photography) and Scott Reagan (graphic design and animation).  We provide a ‘go to whoa’ service for all video and multimedia needs.

We like to think of Glee Club as the Swiss Army Knife of production companies: we are a small, efficient team that offers a whole range of talent and services that you don’t get in the one package anywhere else.  We do everything from concept development, scripting, narration, shooting and editing, music, and all post-production services – everything required to produce a DVD or get a video ready for webcasting.

And as the name suggests, we are fun to work with:-)

Our first commission was the production of five promotional videos for Pittsburgh Citiparks.  These are screening throughout summer at the outdoor cinemas in Pittsburgh’s many beautiful parks.  You can see them here:

Our website – www.gleeclubproductions.com – provides more information and portfolios for our team and the range of services we can provide.

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