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Bumping into Russell Crowe

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Car acting There are currently three major features being shot in Pittsburgh: The Next Three Days, a murder mystery starring Russell Crowe; Love and Other Drugs, a comedy starring Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathaway (both of Brokeback Mountain fame); and Unstoppable, an action flick starring Denzel Washington. This means that[…]

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Three new video clips up

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I just added three more clips to the video page: 1. 2001 – Myself and Kate introducing the first B(if)tek WINK (Wired Innovative Naughty Kids) awards night, May 2001 in Melbourne. The WINKs were developed, funded and promoted by us each year from 2001-2003. These were awards for innovation and[…]

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I am now an American!

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A New Country My USA permanent residency card arrived totally unannounced in the mail today.  I  stared at it in happy shock and amazement.  I am now an American (albeit one with a funny accent).  Exactly one year after Tanya and I wandered into Pittsburgh, for the first time, almost[…]

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