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Three new video clips up

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I just added three more clips to the video page:

1. 2001 – Myself and Kate introducing the first B(if)tek WINK (Wired Innovative Naughty Kids) awards night, May 2001 in Melbourne. The WINKs were developed, funded and promoted by us each year from 2001-2003. These were awards for innovation and subversion in the electronic arts and new media. Money and prizes were given to activists and artists whose work and actions highlighted important social and political issues. We also gave recognition to artists from around the world who were taking risks and innovating in electronically mediated art forms. Clip courtesy of the Australian Center for the Moving Image.

2. 2000 – ‘Machines Work’ was a track off our Sony album ‘2020′ which received a great deal of airplay. This is a super-cute animated clip depicting myself and Kate in our retro spacecraft recording studio; clip created by the multi-talented Scott Anderson.

3. 1998 – B(if)tek released an EP for Festival records (then one of Australia’s most successful local record labels until it was taken over by Warners in 2005). The EP featured the track ‘Bedrock’ plus a couple other tracks including a remix by Paul Mac. I’ve uploaded the first B(if)tek clip put together by my old friend and visionary Sally Harbison, which uses found footage and images of myself and Kate looking incredibly young and goofy

Also, for 2004-07 I re-uploaded the wonderful clip for Dust’s ‘The Message’ recently put together by Tanya Andrea Stadelmann – for some reason the clip didn’t appear the first time I put it up a few weeks ago.

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