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One of the Best Days of My Life

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So next week, my temporary contract with the Barts Centre For Trauma Sciences winds up. And how many times can you say that your job has changed your life?

Here are some experiences/ images that I will take with me to my grave.

1) Shooting a video, with fellow Australian photographer Gary Schwartz, of an amazing chap, Joshua Robertson. Severely disabled due to a quad bike accident at the age of 11, Josh now has a brilliant career ahead of him as a stand up comedian.

After we did this shoot, Josh said to me “who would have thought that being disabled would have been the best thing that happened to me?”

2) Today, I organised some more photos in the Royal London Hospital, shot again by Gary who has an extraordinary rapport with patients and staff. See attached photo. I ended up chatting to some trauma injury patients. One of them showed me his arms, stripped with scar after scar, because he also has a malignant bone cancer. And then he was hit by a car last week.

These photos and videos are going to be featured on an After Trauma website I have been developing, to support the vision of Karen Hoffman, an extraordinary occupational/ rehabilitation therapist, for the Centre for Trauma Sciences.

What next? Who knows.

But God bless us, everyone.


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