Intro by Tim Shiel

Electronic music has exploded around the world in recent years. It has leaped out of clubs, warehouses and bedroom studios into the broader musical psyche.

But flash back to the 90s in Australia and electronica and dance music were deeper underground. Only a few flash-points, like Itch-E and Scratch-E’s ‘Sweetness and Light’ and the Filthy Lucre house mix of Yothu Yindi’s ‘Treaty’, poked out to reach a broader audience.

Embedded deeply in that electronic underground of the 90s were B(if)tek, a stylish electro duo originally from Canberra.

Nicole Skeltys and Kate Crawford made funky analogue electronica, inspired equally by kitsch cinema and the cutting-edge acid electro of the time. They stood out among their peers for their immaculate style, and winking sense of humour.


To wrap up the 90s on Double J this month, I asked Nicole to step back to that time and dig into her archives of cult Australian club and electronica tracks. 

I wanted to know what Australian electronica really sounded like in the 90s. And Nicole obliged.

Together with her old colleagues from highly influential electronic collective Clan Analogue, Nicole handed in two immaculate mixes of 1990s Australian electronica and esoteric club music. 

Nicole’s latest mix for Something More is available to stream right here

Here Nicole talks about some of her key tracks from the time.