B(if)tek – Wink Awards

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From 2001-2003, B(if)tek developed, organised, funded and presented our own awards for the electronic arts called the WINK awards. Unlike the ARIAs, the WINKs gave reward and recognition to artists who were taking genuine risks, and who also had a social conscience. We attracted entries from all round the world. Some of our winners included Melbourne Indymedia, refugee activist merry pranksters We Are All Boat people, and the scientists who risked their lives and reputations to climb to the top of the Sydney Opera House and paint ‘No War’ when Australia joined the US in declaring war on Iraq (our support for the latter briefly made B(if)tek and the WINKs the bete noirs of right wing opinion columnists). The snippet below is of myself and Kate giving our introduction to the first awards night in Melbourne, May 2001. Clip courtesy of the Australian Center for the Moving Image.

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