Deal With Your Disenchantment

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The title track from my 12th and latest album ‘Deal With Your Disenchantment’, a 21st century woman’s (ie me) response to 60s/ early 70s Dylan. This track takes inspiration from Dylan’s protest period, with echoes of Hard Rain. Other tracks on the album explore Dylan’s many other sub-genres of this period which include: the Beat poet howl, the Cassady/ Kerouac road story, the mystical incantation, the cryptic sermon, the white blues, the ‘three chords and the truth’ country tune, the ballads of wronged individuals, the love lament, all strung through with acerbic wit and surreal phrase turning. LP available through all main digital & streaming outlets, but be nice if you threw a dime in my sonic cup here: https://nicoleskeltys.bandcamp.com/

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